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Given the pivotal role of designing PureGym’s cornerstone product, we aimed for a swift launch of the new in-house solution. Embracing the minimum viable product approach, I undertook the challenge of not only developing a UI system for immediate implementation but also considering its scalability and envisioning its future growth and expansion.

Following its successful launch, the app earned acclaim, winning the esteemed 'Health and Fitness App of the Year' at the UK App Awards in 2021.
Collaboration with:
PureGym App Team

UI Designer

UI design
Visual direction

Phase 1

The first phase of the UI had to fit the PureGym brand. It had to be adaptable, simple, familiar and highly functional not just for the user but for the developers too. This considered approach, where images remained minimal, enabled developers to continue with incremental additions and improvements without affecting the app’s useability.
App dashboard
Class list
Class bookings
Member dashboard

Phase 2

A few weeks after the launch of the app, we learnt the key features that members wanted to see. This led to further development on the class search filter, gym busy-ness, and the activity tracker.
Class filter prototype
Activity tracker
Gym busy-ness

Phase 3

The third phase followed. Having the foundations of the app, getting off to a successful start, gaining positive user feedback, we had the opportunity to explore more visionary approaches for the key features of the app (class bookings and activity tracking).
Class focussed home dashboard

An intuitive and visually pleasing dashboard that considers, colours, imagery and motion.

Activity tracker

An intuitive and visually pleasing dashboard that considers, colours, imagery and motion.

App Store Promo

As the app developed over time the number of useful features had been incorporated and it made sense to create a feature video to promote these on the various app stores.
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